Dec 4, 2015



Sorry I'm so slow getting this to you, but this is my crazy time of year...
In this area, to finish it off, I would like to see lamps, an additional end table over between the two sofas, and an area rug under the sheepskin.  I think the coffee table needs to have a little more weight to it, the white is too small and too light. 
 On the wall on the left, I would love to see a starburst mirror
(I posted all of these suggestions on pinterest so you could link to them to order or get more information.)

Seagrass Rug 8x10
Seagrass is a natural product and will add some texture and warmth to this area.  Its also very durable and very inexpensive. 
 (I have it in my formal living room)

The pillows are really cute, but we need a couple with more intensity of color, and the color to bring out more is the teal. 

On the two end tables, I would like to see large lamps.  I like these for the contemporary feel, the yellow/gold accent and the drum shades.

Same for this area, with some deeper teal pillows and you could go a little larger here too with the pillows.   You can do a solid as well.
Can we cover the plug up with a plant in a pot?
And we need to hem the curtains - you can get Iron-On hemming tape at JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby and measure - cut some off if you need to - and iron the hem in - no sewing.

Other accessories could be faux florals, but substantial - not tiny
 On the coffee table, a tray to anchor anything that is put there
florals, books, candles
 some ideas for you to decide what you like, but notice there is nothing really tiny laying about, all are more substantial - tiny things have no impact unless you have a collection of something small.

This area needs something to anchor this big black screen over the sideboard.
I would do two chairs like these...
and we need to hide the chords - a row of photographs, maybe a plant or succulents
in a larger container in the center?

On the desk on the left of the picture, I like this lamp.
And once those things are in place, I would add a few accessories - books,
pottery, candles, boxes - to fill it in a little.

Love the 3 plants here, and I think a little valance over the window would be cute.  A little roman shade, in one of your colors, let me know if you need help with this.

I would frame out the mirror here.  Easy to do with some moulding cut in 45 degree picture frame corners.  Paint the backside black along the edge that meets the mirror to hide reflection.  Paint the front white or gray.  It can be adhered to the mirror with silicone caulking - tape it in place to keep it from sliding while it dries.  It will make a world of difference.
add a small apothecary jar filled with scented soap, a basket or tray with folded hand towels, and a faux floral or plant.

The kitchen is where I would put the brass and glass lantern, with faux succulents.
I'd add some candles and maybe a simple glass cannister jar for cookies....
a basket of color coordinated tea towels
a simple green boxwood wreath (smallish) over the sink (3M hook to hang)
it doesn't need much, just a few homey touches.

Good to go?
Send me pictures!!!

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