Mar 26, 2018


Denice and Louis

Starting here in the living room - so happy you painted the fireplace Gettysburg Gray.  I want to paint the ceiling and wood trim White Dove (Benjamin Moore) - White Dove goes really nicely with gray tones and its not a stark white and not a yellowish white.  Paint it in satin or semi gloss.

Leave the beams the natural wood color.  The warmth will contrast nicely with the gray of the fireplace and warm the white.

The walls should be a light color with just a hint of color - here are a couple to try that should go nicely with the Gettysburg Gray.  Try them out in the room - because color has to be tried in the room as it is effected by so many factors - and I would paint a sample on poster board with a good 2" margin of white around it - because the room is dominated by the wood tones and that will help isolate the color a little.

Shoreline (Benjamin Moore);

 BalboaMist (Benjamin Moore);

Coastal Fog (Benjamin Moore); 

Mindful Gray (Sherwin Williams)

Recently painted Gettysburg Gray BM

White Dove on the ceiling
(a good idea to change out the recessed liners to white)

In this room, same ceiling and trim treatment (including around the windows and the baseboards).... additionally, paint the paneling on the walls in white dove.  Choose one of the wall colors above for the rest.

satin or semi-gloss WHITE DOVE

with a soft light gray tone for the walls... to be determined 

and same into the kitchen - 
I actually like the used brick fireplace here.  However, once you have the rest painted you can look at it and see if it is the look you want.  We can address it then, but I'd want to see it with the new colors in the room first.

because it is adjacent to the kitchen, I am including some reclaimed or used brick looks so you can see how the grays look with it.

Kitchen:  It looks like your cabinets are in great shape.  But, I would paint them... I know you probably didn't want to hear that.  The cabinets in the kitchen become your walls in that room.  The floors and the cabinets are so close to the same color that it makes this space seem much smaller. Warm tones move toward you.  Weird fact, but true.  I like the granite and I like the white island.

Consider this for the kitchen -

Soft Gray cabinets with a White Island
The cooler colors will recede and make it feel more open and spacious
(you should check if Gettysburg Gray goes with the granite, or if we need to find a new medium gray)

or instead of top and bottom cabinets opt for a two tone look... with white upper cabinets and gray lower cabinets.

Let me know what you think about this option, and if Gettysburg Gray works... I won't select colors for the cabinets and walls until I hear back on this.

The next step is yours.  Test some of the paint colors and let me know what you think about the kitchen options.  You are going to love the changes!

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