Nov 22, 2017


Optional Colors (Warmer palettes)

Trying a sample of Accessible Beige. (Sherwin Williams)

Hello, Mary.  
You have a lovely home and property!
This french country or Acadian style is charming, but it does have one disadvantage.  The roof to wall ratio is at least 3 to 1 in favor of the roof.  Which means your color palette is predominantly roof color and cannot be changed.
It also means that the walls of your home don't stand out as much, and I was pleased to note that you said the shrubs were being replaced, as they block so much of the house and make the roof seem all the more prominent.
Bearing that in mind, I think lighter colors are the rule of the day - the house itself will show up better.
You also mentioned that you were interested in seeing some examples of white wash or german smear treatment on the brick.     You didn't think your husband would go for painting the brick, but I'm going to include some photos of that as well for information purposes.

So white wash treatment varies greatly.   It is actually a lime treatment that gets more opaque as it dries, and the goal is to apply it unevenly to get the look of some exposed brick - like this home below.
German Smear is a mortar that is smeared over the top of the brick and then removed here and there to expose some of the brick.  Both of these treatments can be 'faux' painted and there are a lot of tutorials for all of the applications.  Just check out Pinterest.

or a white wash application such as the ones below that are more uniformly white.

If, however, this isn't an option for you, my second choice would be to paint the brick, as leaving the brick as is does not give us a lot of areas where we can change the appearance of your home - being limited to the wood siding and stucco areas.

Painting brick homes has become very popular.  It totally transforms a home, giving it greater presence and a more current look.

Look what it did for these homes:

Regardless of what part of your home you choose to paint, I thought we should have a look at a few similar homes for some inspiration...

These high gabled homes have certain things in common.  Most have brick plus an area at the front door of a painted non-brick material such as stucco, stone or wood.
That area is usually lighter in color - most probably for the same reasons I outlined above - to make it more visible and contrast to the roof.  It announces the entry.

Most have shutters or other trim detail.

The front door really needs to stand out, because it is under an overhang and difficult to see.
The door should be a darker or brighter color.
You said, "Looking on line I see numerous french country homes in off whites."  
I think a lighter color is needed for the front of the house.

That same light color, or a white, should be carried onto the ceiling of the porch - front and back - to lighten up these areas.

You said:  "Another item I thought I should share, the shrubs in front of house are either going to be removed or cut way back down.  I paid $1000 for a landscape plan that was a mess.  I planted the items on the plan and they grew all over each other...not happy with result...

I am thinking that with French Country I simply plant white roses all at the front area bordered with a continuous boxwood hedge or the golf ball boxwoods.  Repetition in the landscape is elegant.

Do you agree? "   I do agree - I think that will be lovely.

Here are a few color schemes to consider....

House:  Alpaca / Trim for wood house details:  Snowbound /  Window frames, shutters, railings:  Thunder Gray  /  Doors:  Mt. Etna
(All Sherwin Williams)
(Similar to these looks)

House:  Snowbound;  Trim:  Alpaca;  Doors:  Thunder Gray

Lighter house:  Classic Gray, wood trim and details: Fusion,  Doors:  Wrought Iron
 (All Benjamin Moore)
Similar to this home's color palette

House:  Steam;  Trim:  Granite;  Doors:  Mysterious
(All Benjamin Moore)
similar to this look:

House: March Wind or Agreeable Gray; Trim:  Pure White;  Doors:  Naval
(All Sherwin Williams)

These examples all have dark dramatic doors, but you can also add a pop of color here:
Mustard Yellow

Navy Blue


Royal Blue

French Blue/Gray

I still love a shiny black door.....

But if any of these colors appeal to you, let me know so we can explore adding a pop of color.
Mary, look these suggestions over and get back to me on what you like or don't like so we can narrow our selections down.   I am working on your questions about the RV garage area and will send that along soon.

Our large wall areas are in back of the house and the large RV carriage house/shop.  Shop doors are a large feature seen from the street...

"Here is another photo of our adjoining shop rv storage building. I would like to give it a little more interest."

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