Apr 27, 2016



These are the only freshwater fish I could find.  They are grouped by artist, so choose a group you like and then let me know within that grouping if there are any you don't like.






*********************************************************************************BREAK ROOM


magazine rack choices

Art options


'I think the couch should work.  I worry that it is not comfortable.  If it is not, i wouldn't get it.  I'm not really enamored with any of the chairs so far.  The first one, too uncomfortable looking.  Sometimes people wait for other family members for a long time in here--up to 1 or 2 hours.  Other times, big families all over the place.  The second chair, leather could work--but a little cold and industrial looking--but it is probably my favorite of all the ones you have here.  I worry about all of the upholstered arms--they are going to get very dirty.  Again, very heavy use here.  I really think an upholstered arm is a mistake in the reception area. I kind of like the look of the third chair, but don't like the idea of a pillow on the back, and again, uncomfortable.

The next one, (wine glass) is probably my favorite of the upholstered.  Simple, not to big.

Okay, now that I keep looking, they are starting to grow on me.  Still worried about getting the arms dirty, so maybe the smaller arms are better.  The picture with two chairs gives me the vision a little better--I can see it working.  The navy one, too "heavy and plush", but maybe it's just the angle

For Kathleens office, not too high backed, and I like the open legs (the first one).  Don't like the closed in legs--too "living room", not enough business. The first one's style works for me.

I am not really looking at color--you can help with that.

So that was pretty wishy-washy, but those are my thoughts.
I am gone, but will still get emails at night.

By the way, Fawn was in yesterday.  Loved the carpet in the reception area.  Thought we should have put it all the way through the office.  Loved the rock (I tell my staff several times a day I love the rock!)

Thank you and good luck!


Rushing to get some furniture options to you before you leave on vacation.
The sofa I would like to use is the Bernhardt leather sofa.

It comes in Mocha, and I'm trying to find out if there are other colors available, as this is the only color I have seen it in.  I think it would work fine, but finding chairs to go with is a little more difficult.

I have chosen narrower profile chairs.  Some may be a little too streamlined for your taste, but I hope you find a couple you like.  Going for the classic look as opposed to too traditional - first because its more 'business' oriented and also because the traditional style seating tends to be much wider and won't fit in our space.

These first ones have more exposed wood.

The next are narrower upholstered pieces.

 This next one comes in a gray/brown but I couldn't get a photo of it to upload, so its showing up in Navy.

Let me know if any of these appeal.  I have sent this link to Kathleen as well.

For her office, I wanted a little more substantial seating.

still looking on this room - we are still a little limited with space and so I'm looking for a compact design 
and so far they have all had tufted backs - probably because it takes a larger chair to have a back cushion.

Let me know.




1.  Keep slate entry flooring and special medical grade flooring.

2.  Keep entry art and family pictures throughout - and fish in Dr. Penrod's office.


1.  Select carpeting for entry, offices and hallways.   

2. Repair/replace rubber thresholds throughout and repaint/adjust base molding.

3.  Replace waiting room sofa and possibly recover chairs
Select a contemporary style sofa with clean lines.

Remove metal decor pieces and replace with faux rock wall.

4.  Cultured stone on reception desk area and back wall of waiting room

Apply a stone mosaic to this curved reception desk
We will keep the existing granite throughout.

Cultured stone overlay (similar to this example)

Back wall and reception wall application

Add signage on the stone wall...
"Penrod Family Dental" or similar

Add sconces to this wall

5.  New lamps, accent furniture and accessories in waiting room area and main office

Sofa table and lamps behind new sofa

Replace end tables with new furniture

6.  Select artwork for main wall of each dental room and waiting areas

Will use botanicals, landscapes, fish prints, etc.  Bring in a nature inspired art selection, and use more of the wall space in each patient dental area.

Print is faded - use existing frame?

7.  New table and chairs for break room

8.  Window treatment - Offices and waiting room. 

Treatment for window here:  frame window and add tailored roman shade.
New occasional chairs.

In waiting room - a tailored drape.

grommet top

solar shade

9.  Front office revamp.

recover or replace chairs

replace lamp and light fixture

overhead light to be replaced also.


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