Jun 6, 2016


Thunderhead Rental

I will propose a paint scheme for the exterior - are you planning on painting the entire house or only the trim - I think I had Jose quote on the whole house, but is it possible a power wash would refresh it - or has it been a while since the painting was done?

And so I won't be chalking up time where you don't need it, are there particular items you would like me to work on that we haven't already covered?  I'm still looking for someone to do backsplash and floor, as Vijay has decided its too far for him to go.  He may have a recommendation, and Jose or Martin may have someone, or we may  need to have Bentley handle that install as well.  So now I'm worried about the glass tile and having someone that can cut it properly, and wondering if we should return that for credit and pick a nice simple ceramic tile for the backsplash.  What thinkest thou?  
 I will check with Jose and Martin on installers, and then someone should supervise that or at least be there on the first day to make sure they understand everything.

Martin is not going for a couple of weeks, so I will look at the list and see what he needs to do when he does go.  We have to bring a couple things up to code, right?   Are you still going back on Thursday to meet with the air conditioner people? 

I think we have most all of the design items checked off - but we are the general contractor on this - so we need to keep an eye on all the details now that the basic demo and acoustic has been done.  Let me know if there is anything that you have concerns about, or if we need to work on something specific in the interim.



Front door should be painted
new light fixture
power wash/cleaning
possible painting of trim/garage door for a fresh, more current look
Use California native drought tolerant plants.  I think we can keep some of these plants, just give them a fresh trim.

Pavers to replace lawn?  Create patio in front?
Do we need a retaining wall at sidewalk to prevent runoff?  Some cities require that.

It is possible a repair and repaint could salvage the fence.  Plant high growing hedge in front?

Not sure why this is wrought iron and the rest wood.  Is this just missing a gate?  Or does it need to be replaced?
Remove bamboo screening
faux grass here?
or shrubs and a pathway?

Replace mailbox ?  Or a repaint and a stronger base?
Plant this slope area with drought tolerant shrubs and succulents

Remove brick edge on planting bed and cover in dark rocks/pebbles
plant lower growing, fuller shrubs
paver courtyard in this area, but can save some of these plants?

Is it necessary to have security lighting?  Or can we just use regular
low voltage outdoor lighting?
If necessary, get motion activated, hardwired lights 

double wide mat for the double doors
may be some repair/repaint to stucco under threshold

replace tile and carpet with tile (possibly wood look, or a wood vinyl tile) throughout ground floor
front door should be painted white (same as wood trim)

New carpet for stairs and upstairs living areas
can light over door as its not high enough for a hanging fixture
new door hardware
cable needs to come into an outside wall so that the television isn't placed here
and the house doesn't have an electrical fire.... :)

Paint the metal white - and restain the bannisters
or paint? the bannisters
The cable needs to be removed.

All the ceiling needs to have the acoustic popcorn removed and plastered and painted.
All walls need to be repainted and all trim.
Windows should be trimmed and new blinds 
(recommend 2" cut to size from Lowes)
deeper base moldings
crown molding

Remove the 'bar' area overhang - add bookcase to back instead.
Redo cabinets and countertops.
New appliances.

new sink, new faucet
remove fluorescent fixture and raise ceiling level.

add backsplash

argh...remove the vertical blinds
install solar shade

new light fixture - does this need to be centered better?
new blinds here
Powder room needs shelves behind toilet
new toilet?  don't know if its needed
New vanity and sink and faucet

new light fixture for stairwell

closet doors need to be replaced

most of the doors need repainting (cleaning)
should upgrade doorknobs

Master Bed/Bath?
need some shelving behind toilet
new toilet?

frame mirror
new fixture
remove side mirrors
new vanity and sinks
backsplash if needed

flooring in front of sinks should be tile and into toilet and shower areas
either replacing this or matching it in the sink area

new blinds and frame window same as other places

talked about removing this bump out under the window - a dresser could be placed here

In the back yard, I would extend the patio, plant hedge against the chainlink fence, remove the bamboo fencing, take out the brick planting border and reduce the areas that need plants.  More hard surface = less gardening work or weeds.  Small area of grass or faux grass to the side.
Shrubs take less water than grass or flowers - when established - so shrubs in areas that are larger.
Landscape fabric under pavers with pea gravel over the top will keep weeds at bay.