Aug 11, 2016


Thank you for all the information you have sent and the video, which helped me to 'walk through' the offices.  Here are some of the ideas I have for the different areas and the office as a whole -  and some questions.


1. Design of waiting room cabinet to accommodate products and coffee/etc.

After seeing the lighted panels you would like to incorporate into the offices, I have a question regarding the products this area needs to accommodate.

 Are these products for sale to patients/clients that need a display, (much like the photo you sent me below) or are we talking possible closed storage?

It will make a difference, not so much in the cabinet design as what we put above it.  I was thinking this was the perfect place for some of the lighted panels, but if we have product on display as well, I would need to design an area to have both.  And if we need to display product - how much of a display - or how large a display - is needed?

if a display is needed we could do something like this, with room for lightbox in the center and product
at the sides - bearing in mind we have just 80" to work with - so these pictures are not to scale.

I think it is important to carry the same materials throughout the offices to create flow and cohesiveness. With that in mind, we should use the materials below, the same as the other counters and cupboards.

 I'm illustrating two concepts; one with a beverage cooler/fridge and one without. Both have the shelving above, but that is easily eliminated if you feel it is not needed.

 My thoughts on the cooler being that you may want to have bottled water on hand to offer patients/clients - which could be customized to have your company logo on the labels.  Again, your decision.

this one shows a sink and mosaic tile - ignore those aspects... :) but I do like the flat panel doors here and that is the style I would recommend - if that is the style you are going with in the rest of the office.

I used the 23 1/2" beverage cooler in this design.  Because the cooler is 24 1/2 inches deep, the center of the cabinet pops out 4-5 inches.  Your cabinet maker should be able to make sense of my scribble!

2.  Furniture selection - durable seating
From our conversation, I pulled these items.  Some are available to order online and I can't vouch for their comfort, not having sat in them.  I can say, however, that there is a whole lot of ugly out there!  But these felt more in line with the elegant spa feel you mentioned.

This is the configuration I have in mind - although my schematics don't actually show measurements for the lobby area so I'm guessing we have about 15 feet to play with lengthwise and around 9 feet from the check-in window to the wall.  I will know better when you get me the measurements.

I'm showing primarily sofa plus chair configurations due to your pinterest board and the conversation we had. However, it limits the number of bodies that can be in the waiting room.  We could bring in more if we stayed with chairs alone.  You can decide what look and what your needs are.  It's possible we can use the armless sofas sort of like a banquette along the back wall and then a couple of chairs, too, to optimize seating.  Sorry this has taken so long - it just does.  But a lot of the delivery times were on in stock items and within a couple of weeks.

This armless sofas below would work with two together - doubling them up across that long wall..

I really liked this sofa, but it did not come in white.   What do you think about gray?

 most are available in white or ivory -

Next step, let me know which of these interest you and I will forward the links so you can see price, etc.
That saves me having to dig up the info on all of them.